Daleks have escaped from the Time War and are now destroying the universe. The Doctor must go back to the Time War and stop them from escaping but there is a whole host of villains ready to stop him. Features the Daleks, Cybermen, the Master, Psycho and many others and not one nor two but three special cameos during the movie. Starring Andrew Lee Potts as the Doctor.


War. That is all everyone’s life had become. Children grew up too become warriors and men and women would be fighting in an endless, bloody war. Fighting a race that had survived every type of war, a race with no other emotions except the hate off other races. This was the ultimate war, the biggest war. So big that all of time and space was collapsing.

No one could escape the clutches of death as battle after battle took more and more lives. A war without end, a war that only caused pain and suffering. The universe was collapsing thanks to the fires of the Time War. The bloodthirsty Time Lords were fighting the unstoppable Daleks. This war had the ultimate prize for the victor, all of time and space.

Only one man can stop the war and stop the eternal burning of the children of Gallifrey and the destruction of the universe, time is about to be rewritten in the biggest way possible and only one man can stop it, the oncoming storm, the Valeyard are some of the names he is known as. But there is one name everyone can agree on, the Doctor.

“Jammy dodger?” The Doctor asked Helen who shrugged.

“I don’t know, you said about a Gwen,” Helen said as the Doctor gone around the TARDIS.

“We will collect her now then and a few others,” the Doctor said as he pulled a few levers and pressed some buttons.

“What time period are we in?” Helen asked curiously.

“Earth, England in the year 2014,” the Doctor smiled as the TARDIS stopped.

“I want to see,” Helen said as the Doctor looked at her.

“First you need to put on some cloths,” the Doctor told her as Helen sighed.

“You don’t normally ask, I see you looking,” Helen grinned as the Doctor looked away as Helen gone to one of the rooms, Gwen’s room as she scurried for cloths.

“Are you decent yet?” The Doctor asked.

“Yep, better?” Helen asked wearing a black shirt with blue jeans.

“Definitely, now we can go and see Gwen,” the Doctor smiled as he opened the doors.

“Oh my god,” Helen said seeing fire and smoke everywhere.

“Hopefully this is 2014,” the Doctor said as he heard another explosion.

“Where the hell have you been?” Gwen shouted with gun in hand.

“How long has it been?” The Doctor asked.

“Well you dropped me off in the year 2006 not 2014 so I have had to lay low until then and then the Daleks came,” Gwen shouted as the Doctor cringed.

“I’m sorry for being eight years out but can you explain what is happening?” The Doctor asked seeing more Daleks as several people got shot down, buildings had fallen and the streets were almost completely void of Humans.

“Well the Daleks came, we have word that they are from the Time War, they escaped,” Gwen said as they saw something coming towards them.

“THE DOCTOR HAS BEEN DETECTED, EXTERMINATE,” the Dalek shouted as it began shooting as Gwen just turned around, aimed her gun and shot as the Dalek exploded with sparks flying out of it.

“We have Simonium Detractors,” Gwen said as the Doctor looked shocked.

“What are those?” Helen asked finally gaining the confidence to say something to this stranger.

“You must be his new companion, I am Gwen and you are wearing my cloths,” Gwen looked over Helen.

“He said I was not allowed to go out nude, your culture seems to be embarrassed by your bodies,” Helen commented as they saw smoke arise from buildings around them.

“It seems the Doctor has a companion or doesn’t like cloths and prefers to be nude, you bad bad boy Doctor,” Gwen smiled as the Doctor looked embarrassed.

“It is nothing like that,” the Doctor said as Gwen began to chuckle.

“Do you normally wear cloths in the TARDIS?” Gwen asked Helen who looked bewildered.

“Not normally, he does not mind normally and I often catch him looking,” Helen chuckled as did Gwen who were both laughing together.

“We have more important things at hand,” the Doctor said still hearing the others laughing “I’m being serious, how much damage have the Daleks done?” The Doctor asked as he looked outside seeing a load of Daleks attacking London.

“I will be serious,” Gwen chuckled as she took some deep breaths as she looked up to the Doctor again.

“Serious yet?” The Doctor asked.

“Yes,” Gwen started in a more serious tone “the Daleks have started to invade one galaxy and the next as the whole universe seems to be in risk, they are about to attack Saint Station,” Gwen warned the Doctor who quickly ran off.

“What is it Doctor?” Helen asked.

“A refuge place which hold billions of individuals from different species, we must stop the Daleks before they destroy the refuge,” the Doctor said as they all ran into the TARDIS.

“Can’t we just go back in time and stop all this before it ever happened?” Helen asked.

“We are a part of events now, we have to stay linear to them or we would cause a paradox which would destroy the whole universe and may even have an effect on some of the parallel universes,” the Doctor warned them as they ran into the TARDIS.

“At last, I get another adventure,” Gwen smiled as they all went to the TARDIS.

“Saint Station, we will go,” the Doctor grinned as he pulled a lever. They landed with a thump as the TARDIS shook around.

“Is that a new thing?” Gwen asked.

“A shortcut,” the Doctor smiled as they quickly gone outside of the TARDIS.

“Something is coming,” a Judoon shouted as they saw soldiers getting ready.

“This place has been attacked once before, two Time Lords saved the day with a Kalossian and some Peilis who were wiped out during the attack, not sure how I wasn’t there,” the Doctor scratched his head.

“Thanks for the information but we need to get ready,” Gwen shouted.

“Yes we do, how did they get here?” The Doctor asked himself as his sonic screwdriver started to beep constantly every few seconds as the Doctor scanned around.

“What is it?” Helen asked.

“Something is trying to get to us through the temporal field but whatever it is it can’t,” the Doctor said quietly as he made the beeping stop as they heard a loud explosion.

“The ship has been shot, send all refugees to the centre and make sure all available soldiers are ready,” the Judoon shouted as they saw Silurians and Sontarans also appearing as they heard another explosion as the ship rattled.

“Why aren’t the shields up?” The Doctor shouted.

“They are on full strength,” a Judoon replied as the Doctor looked worried.

“Well something is getting through, the Daleks are coming,” the Doctor shouted as he saw some scared faces as he said this.

“We must hold back,” a Sontaran shouted as an explosion hit the walls as they could now see into outer space as Daleks started coming in killing the soldiers and defenders of Saint Station like nothing was there.

“EVERYONE WILL BE EXTERMINATED, YOUR INTERLECTS WILL BE USED FOR THE DALEK EMPIRE AND ... AND,” the Dalek stuttered as it turned towards the Doctor “AND THE DOCTOR HAS BEEN DETECTED, HE MUST BE EXTERMINATED,” the Dalek shouted as the Doctor pulled Helen and Gwen quickly into the TARDIS.

“That was too close,” Gwen said.

“We are not out of danger,” the Doctor said urgently as he saw the TARDIS doors banging as he saw them beginning to buckle.

“THE DOCTOR WILL BE EXTERMINATED,” they heard the Daleks shouted.

“Quickly leave,” Helen begged as the Doctor quickly went around the TARDIS as the doors exploded as a Dalek rolled in as he finally managed to leave as there was one Dalek inside the TARDIS.

“No,” the Doctor said.

“EXTERMINATION WILL COMMENCE,” the Dalek shouted as it shot at the console as the TARDIS started to go around wildly as the Doctor saw the console unit explode as Gwen stepped forward.

“The extermination of the Daleks will now commence,” Gwen smiled.


“I am Gwen, check your databases,” Gwen said as the Dalek stood still for a minute.

“MERCY,” the Dalek shouted as Gwen smiled.

“Not for you,” she smiled as she pulled the trigger and the Dalek exploded.

“Why didn’t it shoot her?” Helen asked.

“The TARDIS drained the Dalek but a bit too late it seems,” the Doctor said as the TARDIS continued going about wildly.

“Where and when are we going?” Gwen shouted as she grabbed onto a bar as the TARDIS was going one way then the next as it finally stopped.

“I don’t know,” the Doctor said as he finally got up as the others looked to the TARDIS doors which had been completely blown off by the Daleks.

“Where are the doors?” Felix asked walking inside.

“It seems the TARDIS went to somewhere it knows,” the Doctor sighed.

“Still doesn’t answer his question,” Illy smiled as the Doctor ran and hugged her.

“Not too much,” Felix chuckled as the Doctor pulled away from Illy and went to hug Felix who put his hand out as the Doctor shook it, looking a bit embarrassed.

“Who are they?” Helen asked.

“Is she from Sto?” Felix asked.

“Nope, from Greece on Earth, Felix, Illy meet Helen of Troy,” the Doctor smiled as they all looked shocked.

“Only you could score the woman who got sent a 1000 ships just for her lips,” Gwen said as the Doctor smiled.

“I didn’t score her,” the Doctor protested.

“If I am right, the Greeks were not big fans of cloths,” Illy said looking to Helen who was indeed wearing cloths.

“Maybe she is the exception,” Felix offered.

“They are my cloths, Helen had no cloths of herself to wear,” Gwen said as the Doctor’s face became read as he could hear laughter throughout the TARDIS as he went to the monitor.

“No,” the Doctor said in disbelief.

“What is it?” Gwen asked getting serious.

“The TARDIS wants to go somewhere, and it’s not good, not good at all and impossible,” the Doctor said as they heard the TARDIS going off.

“Tell us now,” Gwen snapped.

“We are going to the Time War,” the Doctor said.

“Impossible, it is Time Locked,” Illy looked confused.

“How else did the Daleks get through and maybe some do not go back afterwards, that is how I met so many that survived the Time War,” the Doctor suggested as he quickly tried to stop the TARDIS.

“It is really nice out there,” Felix said as they saw the Time Vortex.

“Don’t go near the open doors or you will get sucked in and die,” the Doctor warned as he was scared of going back to the Time War, he remembered the horrors that he faced.

“Okay then,” Helen said backing away from the TARDIS doors which had now been blown off.

“Are we going towards the Time War?” Illy asked urgently as the Doctor looked scared.

“Yes, we are,” the Doctor admitted.

“He has drawn near sir,” a soldier said to Davros who had nervously anticipated this.

“Get the Daleks ready, all of them,” Davros hit his hand down on his chair as he said this.

“Even the Searing Daleks?” The person asked looking scared.

“Yes, the more the better,” Davros said coldly as he looked around him, seeing the travesties of the war that had torn the universe a part.

“Anything else, my leader?” The soldier asked.

“One more thing,” Davros smiled as two Daleks came in “I want Ainsley dead,” Davros chuckled as he said these words.

“But I am Ainsley,” Ainsley’s bottom lip was quivering as the two Daleks took position.

“EXTERMINATE,” the Daleks both shouted as they both hit Ainsley whose body slammed down to the ground.

“You two have your orders, get all the Daleks that are available ready, we have a Doctor to kill,” Davros laughed as the other two Daleks slowly went away, knowing their orders.

“Something has been spotted in the sky,” the War Doctor said looking up as he saw silver robots, he recognised them but they were somehow different, another change to them.

“WE KNOW SOMETHING HAS BEEN SPOTTED IN THE SKY,” the Cybermen shouted as the Doctor was facing the new Mondas Cybermen.

“Well done to you, I thought all the Cybermen were destroyed,” the Doctor looked tired and weary as the Cybermen began walking towards him.


“I am getting close to Davros, the Nightmare Child is near and this will be my chance to finally kill him,” the Doctor looked towards the Cybermen who began walking towards him.

“DAVROS WILL BE DELETED BY US AND THE WHOLE UNIVERSE SHALL BE UPGRADED,” the Cybermen shouted as the Doctor pulled a gun towards them.

“This gun cannot be stopped nor upgraded against, it changes how it attacks with every shot, I have seen you in action,” the Doctor shouted as he began to shoot them down as the Cybermen entered slow down time as everything around them moved slowly.

“THE CYBERMEN HAVE UPGRADED BEYOND ALL BEINGS,” the Cybermen shouted as they grabbed the Doctor ran off in a blur.

“I am so sorry,” the Doctor said as he suddenly felt a headache as he grabbed his head.

“Are you okay sir?” Felix asked curiously.

“Memories are being rewritten, the time lines should stay the same as long as nothing major happens,” the Doctor felt dizzy as he collapsed to the ground.

“Please be okay,” Helen said with a worried expression.

“I will try to be, I don’t have the courage of a Time Agent Knight,” the Doctor shouted.

“A good Knight name would be Peter,” Gwen pondered.

“Why are we talking about such mundane things?” Illy asked as the Doctor just smiled.

“To put my mind of the pain,” the Doctor momentarily smiled as he grabbed one of his hearts as his body jerked upwards as the TARDIS stopped.

“We are here,” Gwen gulped.

“I have heard so much about the Time War and none of it good,” Felix look out in disbelief as they saw something come in.

“A TARDIS,” the creature hissed as the Doctor pulled himself up, both of his hearts had a sharp pain and his head felt like bursting as new memories were being created.

“A Gargou,” the Doctor looked in disbelief.

“The Doctor’s TARDIS,” the Gargou said as the Doctor walked curiously towards it.

“The Gargous and Gallifreyans are in a peaceful alliance,” the Doctor said knowingly.

“We have seen the future, some of us gone through the Time Lock and saw that the Gallifreyans betray the Gargous, war has been announced against all citizens of Gallifrey,” the Gargou said as the Doctor got up, feeling dizzy as he almost fell down again.

“Leave us, time is getting muddled up, the universe that you saw has peace while the one that could be created will be off terror and horror,” the Doctor shouted as the Gargou flew quickly towards them as Gwen stood in front of it, seeing it bearing it’s blood soaked teeth as she pulled the trigger as the Gargou fell back.

“Don’t try to mess with us,” Gwen smiled hand on hip as the Doctor saw the Gargou rolling around on the floor.

“It is dying,” Illy said as they all looked towards the Gargou.

“Is that the Gargou it was mentioning?” Helen asked.

“Gargou is not the individuals name but the species it belongs to but good try,” the Doctor smiled as Helen hugged him looking to the speed with wide eyes as Gwen smiled at her success in the shooting of the Gargou.

“Can we leave?” Felix asked with hope.

“The TARDIS has been badly damaged by the Dalek that shot it earlier, so not for now but it is remaking itself and maybe later it will be able to travel around space but not enough to escape the Time War,” the Doctor said as they looked outside.

“Gargous, everywhere,” Helen said as she looked to the Doctor to if see if she was correct as he nodded in reply, indicating that she was correct.

“We will have to leave the TARDIS for a bit, it will auto repair itself in the meantime and hopefully fix the door,” the Doctor shouted as he saw a bright flash of bright light as he saw a gas sort of material covering the space where the TARDIS doors usually are.

“He gets a bit involved,” Felix said as the Doctor smiled.

“She has always been there for me,” the Doctor replied as he stroked the console, they heard a hiss from it as he quickly pulled his hand away.

“Overheat?” Illy asked.

“Trying to get us out of the way,” the Doctor replied as they saw a Gargou fly straight over them as Gwen noticed something.

“Not much of them are taking notice of your TARDIS, except that one Gargou,” Gwen noticed as the Doctor looked around.

“In the skies,” Illy pointed as they saw the sky go red.

“That is not normal, even for this planet,” the Doctor muttered as they saw the Gargou in a deep battle.

“Are they Daleks?” Felix asked as they saw huge spaceships appearing in the sky.

“Yes they are, you have incredibly good eyesight,” the Doctor said as Felix grinned as they saw a city not far from them as several Daleks came down and began shooting the city. It was a huge and modern city as the gunfire was going both ways as they saw some of the Daleks explode in the heat of the battle.

“Can we go in there?” Gwen asked.

“You want to go into the super dangerous battle?” Illy asked.

“Of course I do,” Gwen replied smiling.

“Good, so do I,” Illy replied as they both ran.

“We should stay near the TARDIS,” the Doctor shouted as Helen joined them, his words seemed useless.

“If you can’t beat them, join them I say,” Felix said as he ran after the three girls as the Doctor shrugged as he ran after them but then he stopped as his sonic screwdriver started beeping again.

“What are you?” The Doctor asked as he tried to get a lock on the signal.

“I,” he heard a voice say faintly as he tried to get a fix on the signal.

“Come on,” he shouted hitting the sonic screwdriver “you are something through the temporal field,” the Doctor ordered.

“Hurry up,” Felix said trekking back to get the Doctor as the others were well ahead.

“I will be right with you,” the Doctor said as Felix nodded and ran off as the Doctor tried to get the signal to come back again but it was lost.

“Come on,” Felix shouted as the Doctor then followed as they heard another explosion.

“I am coming right now,” the Doctor had one last look back at his TARDIS and then he ran catching them up with every footstep.

Not too long later they had arrived at the gates of the city seeing many Daleks trying to get through the large dome that protected the city as another explosion weakened it further.

“Get us in,” Helen said as the Doctor used his sonic.

“What would you be without your sonic screwdriver?” Felix chuckled.

“Like how you would be without your heart, dead,” the Doctor admitted as they heard the gate click as they quickly went in.

“Nice,” Gwen smiled as they saw a very large and dark corridor.

“Not really,” Helen replied as Gwen rolled her eyes, Gwen was being sarcastic.

“Help,” the Doctor said as they all went to push the door closed as they heard something hovering.

“THE DEFENSE HAS BEEN OPENED, ALL DALEKS TO MAIN CITY GATE,” they heard a Dalek shout as the door got hit with a very strong force as they continued to push.

“No you don’t,” the Doctor shouted as they had a huge push as they shut the gate as they heard gunfire continue to hit the gate as the Doctor sonicked it as they heard a click indicating it was locked.

“That was too close,” Illy said.

“Like we haven’t been a lot closer to death before,” Felix said as the Doctor nodded in agreement.

“Well we better get away from this door,” the Doctor suggested as he sonicked the surrounding space as light started to appear all around them.

“Now it is nice,” Helen smiled as they all looked around seeing patterns on the walls as they saw all kinds of different drawings surrounding them.

“They can really get high,” Illy commented.

“Wings sure help,” Felix said as though it was obvious.

“How did I miss that?” Illy asked.

“You can be a bit dim sometimes but you are mostly very smart,” the Doctor commented.

“Dim? Thanks for that,” Illy said as they continued down the long and dark hallways as the continued to admire their surroundings.

“Do you hear that?” Gwen asked as she heard something fluttering.

“Wings, they are here,” the Doctor said as they heard more wings come as something swooped down as Gwen got her gun ready as she began shooting them as the surroundings became lighter as Illy looked scared as one Gargou swooped down and took her as Gwen missed with the following shots that she attempted.

“Illy, help her now,” Felix shouted as the Doctor looked devastated as Gwen continued shooting as Felix ran after her.

“Poor her and him,” Helen commented as the Doctor just nodded as he began to run after Felix.

“Don’t chase her,” the Doctor began running as he heard more Gargous coming as they continued running as quickly as they could.

“Why did we come here?” Felix asked.

“Because the girls wanted too,” the Doctor shouted back.

“I mean why do we travel with you?” Felix asked as the Doctor looked uncomfortable.

“Because you choose too, don’t get angry at him just because he does your willing,” Gwen snapped.

“Don’t shout,” Helen said putting her hands to her ears.

“Act like a grown up, wear clothes that are yours and stop taking his side,” Gwen shouted again as the Doctor looked concerned.

“Stop shouting, we are all friends and I do not act grown up about 99% of the time so don’t make out that being an adult is cool as I am very cool and I am not really an adult,” the Doctor smiled as Gwen grinned.

“Very cool? You wish,” Gwen chuckled as the Doctor also chuckled.

“I feel like getting Illy back should be the main thing to worry about,” Felix said as the Doctor quickly turned around to him.

“And we will, Illy will be saved from the Gargous,” the Doctor reassured him as he took his TARDIS key out and saw it still changing.

“It is glowing,” Helen smiled as the Doctor began to walk in the direction the Gargous had come from.

“The TARDIS is fixing itself, the console will look different by the time we get back,” the Doctor explained as they continued walking hearing loud and regular thumps as the gate was being shot by the Daleks.

“Could they get in?” Felix asked with curiosity.

“Easily, it is only a matter of time,” the Doctor honestly replied as Felix gulped as they continued down the cold and long tunnel.

“Wings,” Helen said as they heard the fluttering of wings coming towards them.

“Not the Gargou again,” Felix said looking scared as the single Gargou landed in front of them.

“I can help you, I know we are supposed to be destroyed soon and if not then time will collapse,” the Gargou smiled as the Doctor wondered whether he could trust it.

“How can we trust you?” Helen asked what the Doctor was thinking.

“Well, I cannot really prove it but I know through intercepted radio signals that the Cybermen have taken the Doctor,” the Gargou offered.

“I am the Doctor,” the Doctor said as he did not remember getting taken.

“A past self of yours, maybe you don’t remember it because the time lines are being changed and new memories are resurfacing,” the Gargou suggested.

“I can try to trust you, but firstly, what is your name?” The Doctor asked as the Gargou gone towards a large wall as it started pressing buttons.

“Lothos,” the Gargou replied “and yours?” He asked.

“Gwen, Helen, Felix and the Doctor,” Gwen said as Lothos smiled.

“What is it?” Felix asked seeing the smile.

“When we went through the Time Lock we learnt of five names, Doctor, Felix, Helen, Gwen and I am assuming the one we are trying to save, Illy. You five will be here when this world is deleted from the time stream, our last surviving member fed us all of this information while we landed on Earth, 630’s,” Lothos explained as the huge doors opened.

“What is this place?” Gwen asked.

“Our main city, one of the only few that we have left, we have survived many waves of aliens including the Daleks and the Racnoss that tried to invade,” Lothos informed them.

“But then you lost most of your cities, very quickly in fact could you please explain what happened?” The Doctor asked curiously.

“The darkness came, the Daleks sent it from the heavens,” Lothos looked into the dark spaces that they could see “they go by several names, the flesh eaters, the darkness, the devils in dark but they are most widely known as the Soul Eaters,” Lothos said as the Doctor looked scared.

“Flesh eaters? They don’t sound like they give you cake and offer a cuppa,” Felix gulped as they all looked towards the dark areas.

“They are not here, for now but those Daleks that you alerted will be,” Lothos warned as they finally walked through the open doors as Lothos quickly went to another device.

“Close it quickly,” the Doctor ordered.

“I am trying,” Lothos said calmly as they heard a huge boom as they saw light running towards them, the Daleks had gotten in.

“Daleks are here,” Gwen looked scared as Helen gulped.

“What are Daleks?” Helen asked seeing Gwen looking scared, she knew they were not good.

“Those things, the most evil beings in the universe with only one goal, to kill everything that is not Dalek,” the Doctor warned as the doors shut quickly as the Gargou stopped in front of them.

“I need you to go on my wings as we need to get up there,” Lothos pointed up as they all followed his finger seeing a small hole in the wall “your friend is likely to be there,” Lothos informed them as they all pondered until the Doctor reluctantly got on Lothos’s back, he was uncertain but knew he had no other choice.

“Fine but promise me that you won’t betray us,” Gwen snapped as Lothos looked calm.

“I promise not to betray you, now we are going to save your friend,” Lothos said as they all got on the Gargou’s back.

“A Gargou’s promise is very trust worthy,” the Doctor said as the others looked uncertain but still stayed on the Gargou’s back as they flew up.

“I love flying,” Gwen smiled.

“The TARDIS is better,” the Doctor said as Gwen smiled to him as the Gargou gone through the gap at the top of the high wall.

“Here we are,” Lothos said as he stopped when they had reached the top.

“Where to now?” Felix asked.

“This is where I must leave you, if the others found out that I helped you then they will torture and then kill me,” Lothos looked saddened as he went through the gap and flew away, hearing the Daleks trying to break the wall.

“That is our guide gone,” Gwen commented as the Doctor nodded.

“Yes it is but the sonic may be able to help here,” the Doctor got the sonic screwdriver out as he began scanning around.

“Anything yet? We must save Illy,” Felix said with hope as the Doctor smiled.

“This should be the way,” the Doctor said as they looked at drawings on the narrow walls.

“Do you think Illy is still alive?” Felix asked.

“I don’t know but we must never lose hope even if it appears that there is none left,” the Doctor told Felix who looked saddened by the Doctor’s doubt.

“I’m sure we will,” Gwen tried to comfort Felix but he was not longer listening.

“Scratching,” the Doctor said as they heard something scraping the walls ahead.

“The Time Lords shall not betray us,” a whisper up ahead.

“A Gargou,” the Doctor whispered to Gwen and Felix as Gwen got her gun ready.

“Locked and loaded,” Gwen informed him as they slowly gone forward; the Doctor put his sonic screwdriver back into his pocket.

“Here we go,” Felix huffed as he was now listening, hoping the Gargou would be dealt with.

“Ready Gwen?”  The Doctor asked as Gwen went in front of them.

“Always, now let the lady take it from here,” Gwen whispered as she continued walking, it felt like an age since they had heard the scratching.

“Is is still here?” Felix asked.

“We didn’t hear it leave,” the Doctor said as Felix nodded.

“You’re right, like always,” Felix spoke a little too loudly as they heard something ahead, a scraping of a foot perhaps.

“Gwen, the Gargou is coming,” the Doctor warned.

“Why are there no footsteps?” Felix asked.

“Because it is flying,” the Doctor told them as Gwen heard the fluttering of something ahead as she squeezed the trigger and heard something go down.

“You shot it,” Felix said as they quickly ran towards where they heard the loud thump.

“I sure hope so,” Gwen said as they saw something in the darkness as the Doctor made his sonic screwdriver shine brighter.

“Skeleton, it was eaten,” the Doctor looked to the darkness that lay ahead.

“What by? Did it get shot first?” Gwen asked.

“It definitely got shot but I cannot tell if it was already about to fall down before,” the Doctor spoke as he looked into the shadows seeing a part of it that was darker than the rest.

“But there are aliens here, I am guessing,” Felix said as the Doctor nodded.

“Just there and they really want to kill us so we better run as quickly as possible,” the Doctor said as they began running as quickly as possible avoiding the darkest corners.

“Something just bit my leg,” Helen said as the others looked to her.

“You haven’t spoken for ages,” Gwen pointed out.

“I go quiet when I get scared but now I need help,” Helen showed them a large chunk of leg that had been bit off as the Doctor and Felix grabbed one arm each and put it around their shoulders. They saw their surroundings get darker.

“They are here,” the Doctor said plainly as they began running again, with Helen’s leg in huge pain as they saw a Soul Eater up ahead as they were surrounded both ways.

“Not good,” Gwen said as she looked both ways.

“Wait, that one is fake,” the Doctor smiled.

“How do you know?” Felix asked.

“Hurry up,” Helen tried to hurry the Doctor.

“Look at both of them, the one in front of us is fake, not darker than the rest of the room just a hologram trying to scare the pray,” the Doctor smiled as they ran towards the one in front of them and went right through it.

“Pray?” Felix asked.

“We were being hunted, well, still are being hunted so we are the pray,” the Doctor explained as Felix just nodded.

“About Helen, do you like her?” Gwen asked nervously.

“She is still technically married,” the Doctor shouted back as they heard a loud bang at the door which they had closed earlier.

“WE ARE IN, THE TUNNELS ARE ABOVE ALL DALEKS GO UP TO THE TUNNELS,” a Dalek shouted as the Doctor heard several Daleks come into the tunnel.

“Will the Soul Eaters stop them?” Helen asked.

“The Daleks created the Soul Eaters just for this war,” the Doctor said as they all began to run faster, fuelled by their fear of the Daleks.

“I’ve got this,” Gwen said as she turned around.

“You will be killed within seconds,” the Doctor shouted as Gwen grinned.

“No I won’t,” Gwen said confidently as the Doctor looked back “go, you’re going to get killed if you stay longer and you are putting me off.”

“Bye,” the Doctor said as Gwen did not reply, she was too focused by now.

“Come on Doctor,” Helen shouted back as the Doctor had one last look at Gwen and then ran.

The children of Gallifrey all feared the dark, when the three suns of Gallifrey would set they would stay near their parents, at all times. The adults had no imagination so could not see what was lurking in the shadows but the children knew something was waiting, even if their parents the Time Lords and Time Ladies of Gallifrey did not believe it.

“You’re being stupid,” Rassilon shouted at the Master.

“The children of Gallifrey are not dumb, I have also noticed something wrong whenever night falls, you just need imagination to see it, let go of what you believe is impossible and embrace the improbabilities,” the Master said as the others looked confused.

“Well, the Time Lock has somehow been lifted and now we are getting Cybermen, Sontarans, Viligants and many others have gotten through and that should have proven impossible,” Rassilon sighed.

“Sergeant Selker speaking, I think that we should take precautions, the reinstated Master also needs to fulfil his duties in the military regiment,” Sergeant Selker said as the others nodded.

“Fine, the Master is one of the smartest men I know, the Daleks seem to be heading towards Arcadia we need to put him in charge of that regiment to stop them,” Rassilon suggested as there were nods of agreement around the table.

“I will do it as I can see that everyone agrees,” the Master said as the members of the table all went out except one who stayed as the Master looked to this Time Lady.

“You may need this,” the Time Lady stepped forward, she put her hand into her pocket and pulled her hand out, closed.

“What is it? Why are you helping me?” The Master asked.

“Patience, Master,” the Time Lady opened her fingers revealing a fog watch.

“Why would I need this?” The Master asked.

“Memories of the Time War are daunting and I think that with you being the person who is going to be on the frontline and ready to stop them that you will need this more than me, the Time Lock is open,” the Time Lady said.

“Rani,” the Master smiled as the Rani put the fog watch on the table and quickly walked past him as the Master went to the table and took the fog watch.

The Master went out of the room thinking of the things that were going to happen as he started planning an escape plan. Meanwhile, the children were still scared as the Doctor continued running away from the Daleks. Gwen looked confident but was terrified on the inside, awaiting her inevitable fait as she heard the machines that would be the death of her arrive.

“THE DOCTOR’S COMPANION WILL BE EXTERMINATED,” a Dalek shouted as Gwen pulled the trigger and heard an instant explosion and the noise of metal hitting the ground.

“Come on then,” Gwen shouted as more Daleks came but she dealt with them easily as she saw something dark coming towards her.

“YOUR ATTACK IS FUTILE,” a Dalek shouted as Gwen continued shooting as she saw the darkness surround her, Gwen tried to run but her feet would not barge as she heard Daleks coming and felt a bite on her leg.

“This is the end,” Gwen whispered as she screamed out feeling the intense pain as more Daleks came.

The Doctor heard a loud scream as he turned around.

“We have to go back,” the Doctor said.

“If you want to die but we have to save Illy,” Felix shouted as the Doctor looked torn in two.

“Fine, we will save Illy and-,” the Doctor stopped as he heard his sonic beeping.

“Temporal field again?” Helen asked remembering what the Doctor had said.

“Yes, the signal is not strong enough here but there is definitely someone trying to break through the temporal field and tell me something,” the Doctor hit his sonic screwdriver as they heard a loud explosion from behind them.

“That came from the same direction Gwen is,” Helen said as the Doctor looked concerned.

“We have got to save Illy, every second we wait the more danger she is in,” Felix looked concerned as the Doctor ran towards where Felix was, going to save Illy.

“We are saving Illy,” the Doctor shouted as they quickly continued hearing something hovering from behind them, the Daleks had gotten past Gwen.

“THE DOCTOR’S COMPANION HAS BEEN DEALT WITH, NOW FOR THE OTHERS,” they heard a Dalek shout as the Doctor looked saddened as his sonic screwdriver pointed down.

“There,” Felix stopped as the Doctor finally noticed as he jumped with the remaining companions doing the same.

“It is going to kill us,” Helen looked afraid.

“Not on my watch,” the Doctor then saw a crack as he zapped it as it got larger and larger.

“Are we going to fall?” Felix asked.

“No, we are going to land,” the Doctor smiled as the Dalek came and they saw it shoot as the shot hit the ground they were jumping on as the ground under there feet collapsed.

“This is falling,” Felix shouted as they were falling to a ground that was around 100 metres below.

“Anything, I need something,” the Doctor said as he saw the ground quickly approaching.

“Hurry up,” Helen prompted as they suddenly stopped moving towards the ground.

“Gargous,” Felix grinned.

“I have some friends,” Lothos smiled as they saw more Gargou coming.

“We have been found out Lothos,” another Gargou shouted as Lothos gulped as they saw the Dalek lowering as all the Gargou quickly landed.

“Gravity increase activate,” one Gargou shouted.

“Gravity increase activated,” a machine replied as the Gargou quickly ran out of the room going into rooms that could see in the room they were previously in.

“Watch this,” Lothos smiled as they saw the Dalek quickly crash into the ground as several followed.

“You have really thought about getting invaded,” Felix smiled.

“Who hasn’t?” The Doctor asked.

“No one in this war,” Helen said as the Doctor smiled.

“Didn’t you have a whole war fought over you?” Felix asked Helen.

“Yes but that is because I am worth it,” Helen grinned.

“Not from what I have seen,” Felix commented.

“You don’t need to and you have amazing technology,” the Doctor commented.

“We know and you are arrested for trespassing and being a Time Lord, you will be our hostage. The Falpins have The Engineer so we will have, what is your name?” The Gargou asked.

“The Doctor,” the Doctor saw the look of terror in the Gargous faces.

“Lock him up and kill the traitors,” a Gargou demanded.

“No, you can’t kill them,” Helen begged with pleading eyes.

“Helping the enemy cannot be dealt with lightly, we must make an example of Lothos,” the Gargou shouted as several Gargous took Lothos away.

Where is Illy?” Felix shouted.

“The blond girl, you don’t have to worry about her anymore,” the Gargou smiled as they were taken away.

The Gargous prisons did not have the best of reputations, they are harsh and dark with little chance of survival as the Doctor and the rest of them got pushed in.

“Not good,” Helen said as the Doctor looked frustrated.

“I know, but at least I still have my sonic screwdriver,” the Doctor shouted in delight as Felix just nodded his head.

“We need to find Illy,” Felix shouted as he kicked the brick war that covered their cell.

“I can help,” a whisper reassured them.

“Where are you?” The Doctor asked looking around their entirely brick cell knowing that some sort of metal encased it.

“Up, I know the code,” the whisper said as they heard clicking.

“Who are you and why are you helping us?” The Doctor asked as they saw the door opening revealing a Gargou.

“I escaped, had a favour from someone I know now lets get you lot out of here,” Lothos suggested as they saw him fly down landing gently as they all got on his back.

“Thanks for the help,” Felix said as Lothos nodded.

“That’s okay and I know where Illy is but we must get to her quickly,” Lothos saw that everyone had gotten on and then he flew upwards, through the gap that was now closing.

“Come on Lothos,” Helen prompted.

“I am doing so,” Lothos shouted back as the gap got tighter and tighter as Lothos shot out at the top.

“Thanks Lothos,” the Doctor thanked the Gargou.

“That’s okay, we need to get you back to the TARDIS,” Lothos told them as the Doctor looked alarmed, he was wondering about Gen.

Gwen felt afraid. Daleks. That was her biggest worry at the moment. The things biting her, Soul Eaters, did not feel like a threat to her as she kept on shooting as the Daleks shot at her.

“THE EARTH WOMEN WILL DIE,” the Daleks shouted as the ground as rumbling.

“Something is about to explode,” Gwen muttered in complete terror as she felt the explosion happen. The ground beneath her went wildly up as she then fell quickly to the ground seeing a huge drop as the Daleks also began to drop, Gwen could still feel the Soul Eater inside her but she knew it wouldn’t be long until her death would come.

“THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE, EXPLAIN, EXPLAIN,” the Daleks were shouting still falling and seeming unable to stop it as Gwen saw a shadow go across the ground.

“Please Doctor, come to my help,” Gwen muttered to herself as suddenly, before she was supposed to, she hit something.

“Hello there, next stop, the TARDIS,” Lothos grinned to her as he flew away.

Lothos landed gently next to the TARDIS, he had left the part of him saving Gwen. The Doctor would then feel great seeing his friend again.

“I must leave you here,” Lothos had a sad look in his eyes.

“Will we ever see you again?” Helen asked with hope.

“No, we won’t as this planet is about to be blown up by the Time Lords,” the Doctor said sadly.

“How about Illy?” Felix asked desperately as Lothos had his head bowed down.

“We have to go now,” the Doctor shouted as Felix reluctantly got into the TARDIS followed by Helen as the Doctor heard squeals of delight from inside the TARDIS.

“Thank you for everything, are you sure we can’t save you?” The Doctor asked.

“Time should never be rewritten, I know you have done it many times but I will not put the universe at risk,” Lothos replied as the Doctor smiled.

“Thanks for saving everyone and Gwen and Illy and of course the rest of us,” the Doctor smiled as Lothos looked shocked.

“How did you know?” Lothos asked.

“Your face is that of joy,” the Doctor smiled as he walked inside his TARDIS seeing Gwen and Illy inside, they ere all smiling as the Doctor felt dizzy, he stumbled to the console and managed to pull some levers before he collapsed to the ground.

“New memories again?” Gwen asked the others ho seemed to agree. self will die and obviously me,” the Doctor pulled himself up thinking of where the memories had taken

“Cybermen have got me and no they are about to upgrade me, my past him," the Doctor faintly smiled.

“We have to stop them,” Illy chirped looking happy after Lothos had saved her from her cell.

“Just have to look at something,” the Doctor smiled as he opened the TARDIS doors showing them overlooking a planet.

“What are we looking at?” Gwen asked.

“Gargouille, the home of the Gargous and the Time Lords are about to erase it from history,” the Doctor said as the others looked saddened.

“Why would anybody do that?” Felix spat looking to the planet.

“To cut off the Millennia Angles to stop a recent wave of Searing Daleks,” the Doctor said as he walked backwards looking sadly to the planet as he saw a white light appearing around the planet as it engulfed the planet sucking it and then moments later it was gone, the space that it had occupied was now void, just a black space left behind.

“Lothos,” Helen looked desperately towards the Doctor.

“He said he couldn’t and wouldn’t rewrite time,” the Doctor told them as the others bowed their heads.

“I am guessing that we are going to save your past self, the War Doctor,” Gwen suggested as the Doctor nodded.

“Yes, we are going to save my old grandpa self, gramps is a bit too old for war,” the Doctor smiled as he saw the others chuckle.

“Let us go then,” Felix said sadly as the Doctor ran to the TARDIS seeing some Searing Daleks on the way as he quickly went around the TARDIS.

The War Doctor opened his eyes, his vision was blurred. He saw the machines that had brought him here, the things that had come through the Time Lock like so many other beings. The Time War had been taken over by these new species that the Doctor had not seen before but had located their weaknesses, but he as trapped and the silver devils that walked in front of him totally in control.

“THE DOCTOR IS GETTING INTO CONSCIOUSNESS,” the Cybermen said as the Doctor stirred awake.

“Yes I appear to be, no you are different Cybermen so I assume you are from the Time Lock,” the Doctor said as the Cybermen were facing him, the Doctor’s vision was blurred.


“I would not count your apples too soon, if I ever saw at least one nice Cyberman I will have it as a companion,” the Doctor smiled as the Cybermen turned around to him.

“UPGRADE MUST BEGIN, A NEW ERA WILL BEGIN WITH THE DOCTOR AS THE NEW CYBER PLANNER,” the Cybermen said as they saw the Doctor smiling.

“Sorry to be the party pooper but if my hearing is right it looks like your plan is about to be foiled,” the Doctor smiled as a blue TARDIS in a shape of a police box appeared.


“One day I shall understand but for now I don’t have the answers,” gramps Doctor said as he saw a young man walk out of the TARDIS knowing it was a future him, the Doctor.

“Hello there and there are Cybermen and me from the past,” the Doctor chirped as Gwen, Helen, Felix and Illy came out of the TARDIS.

“THE DOCTOR IS HERE, AGAIN, EXPLAIN,” the Cybermen shouted.

“Easy, well not really, okay I lied I have not a clue but I did follow my memories,” the Doctor said nervously as he as starting to look embarrassed.

“Doctor, you’re rambling again,” Gwen said as the Doctor smiled and chuckled looking towards the Cybermen.


“I got brought here to save my past self and to put you back into the universe you should be in,” the Doctor looked to gramps Doctor.

“The hair, that is what I shall call you,” the gramps Doctor smiled to the Doctor.

“Fine, gramps, but there is a fleet of Searing Daleks coming your way and you cannot stop it,” the Doctor shouted as he saw several Cybermen turn to him.

“WE WILL UPGRADE, THE SEARING DALEK UNITS ARE INFERIOR THEY SHALL BE DELETED,” a Cyberman shouted to the Doctor who looked unconvinced.

“You can sure try, but they will delete you from history, you would never have been made,” the Doctor told them with confidence as they heard a large explosion as Cyber units all went outside.

“ALL SPECIES SHALL BE EXTERMINATED,” a Dalek that looked like it was made out of glass.

“They are the true lords of time,” the Doctor shouted towards the Cybermen. He saw one get hit and then fade out of time as the Cybermen continued, another got erased and then another until one took the laser.

“UPGRADE,” the Cyberman shouted as the rest did so.

“How can they upgrade against something that makes them never exist?” Illy asked.

“The ultimate fighters, you cannot stop that and they are made to always remember each one of their attacks even if they do get erased from all of time and space,” the Doctor explained although he was unsure himself and was desperate for the answer.

“How will we defeat the victors?” Gwen asked.

“I don’t know but we have to get gramps out of here before they come back and then we can get into the TARDIS,” the Doctor told them as the Doctor started to zap the things holding gramps Doctor in his place.

“Hurry up the hair, we have to get out of here quickly,” gramps Doctor told them as the Doctor got the last lock undone as the gramps Doctor ran out of his chair and towards the TARDIS as the rest of them followed.

“THE CYBERMEN ARE WINNING, ONLY A FEW SEARING DALEKS EXIST, WE MUST GO BACK TO THE DOCTOR,” a Cyberman shouted as they started to walk back as the Searing Daleks ran away, towards Arcadia as few remained.

“THEY ARE GONE, THE CYBERMEN HAVE FAILED,” one of the Cybermen noted as the others stood still in silence.

“WE MUST CONVERGE ONTO GALLIFREY,” another Cyberman shouted as they all got into specialised machines.

“Okay then, two Doctor’s are here but you look so different,” Helen looked confused as the Doctor’s both smiled.

“I can regenerate, change my body when I am dying, I have done so many times,” the Doctor explained as Helen still looked confused but just nodded.

“I am guessing we are going to Gallifrey,” Felix said as the Doctor nodded as both of the Doctor’s started to go around the TARDIS, both eager to get to Gallifrey.

“What is the situation on Gallifrey?” The Doctor asked his memory had gotten a bit rusty over the years since the Time War.

“The sky trenches are beginning to falter, Lothimos has fallen, our third biggest city and the Daleks are getting ready for another attack on-,” gramps Doctor said as the Doctor had interrupted.

“Arcadia, I cannot tell you who is leading the defence of Gallifrey but we have to stop the Cybermen, if they get to Gallifrey then the whole of history will be changed and altered,” the Doctor warned the others just nodded.

“Gallifrey then, you have talked about it before but we have not actually been there,” Helen said to the Doctor who looked down.

“Personal reasons, many bad people around, the Master and Damian and many others, I would normally put you in danger of this scale,” the Doctor said as the others looked to the doors of the TARDIS.

“Come on, do I really chat this much in the future?” Gramps Doctor chuckled.

“Of course, maybe a bit too much,” Illy said as the Doctor chuckled.

“I have got so much to talk about, it is best to let it out,” the Doctor smiled.

“Please try to retain yourself sometimes,” Felix asked.

“Can we please talk about the Cybermen and Daleks coming towards Gallifrey?” Gramps Doctor asked.

“Of course we can gramps, now we have to figure out a way to stop this from ever happening,” the Doctor said thinking out loud.

“Time Lords have that sort of machinery, look at hat happened to Gargouille,” Gwen said as the Doctor smiled.

“Yes, you are right but we have to make sure that we are still alive,” the Doctor said as he saw gramps Doctor looking in disgust.

“This interior,” gramps Doctor said as the Doctor rolled his eyes as he finally noticed something.

“The interior has stayed the same, the TARDIS was changing so why did it stop?” The Doctor asked.

“You’re being smart again,” Helen said as the gramps Doctor as still looking around.

“I am always being smart, is anybody going to ask me?” The Doctor asked hopefully.

“Something has changed time making the TARDIS not damaged so it never changed,” Illy smiled.

“You sure have some smart companions, I can’t wait for the future,” the gramps Doctor said.

“So there are to Doctor’s in here, we should be working at a very fast speed,” Felix smiled as both the Doctor’s looked to him.

“I am not the Doctor,” the gramps Doctor said reluctantly.

“Well I count you as the Doctor,” the Doctor said remembering what happened previously in his timeline.

“At least I know that one day I may forgive myself for being in this endless and bitter war,” the gramps Doctor looked to the others.

“You to are weird,” Helen said as the gramps Doctor finally looked at her.

“Really? I met you in my first incarnation with my granddaughter and some teachers, you can’t have taken Helen of Troy as a companion,” gramps Doctor shook his head.

“I did take her on and Humans are weird as well, you let Weeping Angels in London in the 21st century and for once somebody else saved it,” the Doctor smiled remembering the stories that he had heard.

“That is in my future,” Gwen said as the Doctor smiled.

“Maybe I should have put a spoilers out there,” the Doctor said as the TARDIS suddenly jerked to the left knocking them all of their feet.

“Hello sweetie, I won’t be here for long so listen for once,” River Song went around the TARDIS controls.

“Who are you exactly?” Gramps Doctor asked.

“River Song but you will forget this anyway but now sweetie you need to save the universe yet again and to do that you will need help from the female, can’t remember her name but she will help you through the temporal field and then you will need to get information as quickly as possible, this is the Dalek invasion,” River Song smiled.

“Bye River and I will try to get to the temporal field but I have not had a good enough link,” the Doctor explained.

“I don’t care how you got there but ... spoilers,” River Song smiled dressed entirely in black “bye sweetie,” River blew the Doctor a kiss as the Doctor smiled pretending to catch it in his hand as River Song disappeared.

“Who as she then?” Felix asked.

“My wife,” the Doctor told them as there were a few snickers.

“Oh no, I marry that frizzled haired women,” gramps Doctor said sadly as the Doctor chuckled.

“Yes you do but that is a long and complicated story but spoilers,” the Doctor smiled as he continued around the TARDIS not touching anything.

“Doctor, what are you doing?” Illy asked.

“River, my wife, has already done everything, we have already landed,” the Doctor looked down as he stroked the TARDIS console unit.

“The noise was not there,” Helen said confused.

“Maybe his wife is a better pilot,” Gwen said as the others chuckled.

“Out, Gallifrey awaits and I have to look at archive footage to see who undid the Time Lock,” the Doctor said as they hurried out eager for the answers.

“So, Doctor, do you have any ideas of who could have done this?” Gramps Doctor asked as the Doctor nodded.

“No, but the Time Lords have cameras everywhere so I just have to get into one of those and then I can find out who it was and you are the Doctor too, one day you, me ... uhm ... us, yes we will accept that,” the Doctor reassured the old man who had seen the brutality of the Time War.

“Okay then, we can check the cameras but who could have gotten in?” Gramps Doctor asked as both of the Doctor’s were the last ones to step out of the TARDIS.

“This way,” the Doctor smiled towards the group that were chatting among themselves.

“Took you long enough,” Gwen said.

“It was only a minute,” the Doctor replied as Gwen just rolled her eyes.

“That way,” Illy said with certainty.

“How would you know that?” Gramps Doctor asked.

“Well it says CCTV room so I am guessing that is the camera room,” Illy replied knowing she was right.

“Something is not right,” gramps Doctor said as the Doctor looked confused.

“I see it too,” the Doctor replied.

“What is it?” Helen asked from behind both of them as they both jumped in surprise.

“Hi Helen, stop being so quiet,” the Doctor demanded.

“That is no way to talk to a Queen,” Helen joked as the Doctor blushed a little.

“You already have a wife,” gramps Doctor told him.

“I know, be cool and to answer your question that writing is old Gallifreyan,” the Doctor said as Helen still looked confused.

“Basically, it should not be able to be translated by the TARDIS’s translator matrix system so how is it getting translated?” Gramps Doctor asked as they quickly followed the others hearing them talking to each other.

“Gramps and the hair are here,” Felix smiled as he saw the two Doctor’s quickly followed by Helen.

“Stop,” they saw a Time Lord holding a gun at them.

“I am the Doctor, get Rassilon here with immediate effect,” gramps Doctor felt good saying he was the Doctor again. The soldier put his hand to his ear; he was in full military uniform which was just black as his face looked cold.

“Requesting that President Rassilon report to sector 17 pointing towards the CCTV control area, the Doctor has requested you,” the officer said as they heard a noise from the earpiece.

“What is the answer then?” Gramps Doctor asked.

“Yes, Doctor, I am here now tell me what you need?” Rassilon demanded.

“We need to see the CCTV recordings that you have gathered from the time room to see who has lifted the Time Lock,” gramps Doctor explained.

“Why would you need that when we already know who done it?” Rassilon asked as they all looked confused.

“Who did it then?” The Doctor asked looking curiously towards Rassilon.

“Let’s look over the footage, I take it you are a future Doctor as this one does not get on very well with other Time Lords,” Rassilon said as the Doctor nodded.

“Yes I am, we don’t have time for this chit chat,” the Doctor hurried them along as they quickly.

“This is so exciting,” Illy said as they were all looking around in amazement.

“Yes it is,” Felix chuckled as they were going down the white corridors with guards surrounding them assisting them as they heard the loud noises from outside as a shockwave ran through the building as a crack appeared in the floor.

“Fix that,” Rassilon shouted as they saw several men going around the crack with big machines and loud noises as the crack in the ground was being covered up.

“Okay Rassilon, we will need to catch the culprit and lock them up as they are too dangerous to be kept here if they can get past the security,” the Doctor said.

“I agree with you entirely Doctor,” Rassilon said as they stopped by a door “Rassilon here, door shall open,” Rassilon then put his hand on the orange cloudlike light. They saw the door open as they saw a video that was paused.

“Play the video,” the Doctor demanded as Rassilon played it, they did not expect to see what they did.

The war machines of the Daleks were quickly coming towards Arcadia as few Searing Daleks remained after the battle with the Cybermen. All soldiers of Gallifrey are getting ready, none of them thought that there could be a battle as the sky trenches would prevent that but the Daleks had recently made a huge breakthrough but they knew the Cybermen were coming as all out war was about to begin.

“Keep on checking the skies,” the Master ordered as the soldier checked up for what felt like the millionth.

“Nothing sir, the same as a few minutes ago,” the soldier replied as the Master had an angry look on his face as the soldier felt unsettled.

“This is not a joke,” the Master said with a calm voice as though he was telling a nursery rhyme “if just one Dalek breaches the sky trenches then the whole war will be lost and the Daleks will be the holders of time so we have to keep on checking,” the Master told the soldier.

“Yes sir, I promise not to take this as a joke again,” the soldier noticed that he had changed his mind rapidly.

“I thought you might say something like that,” the Master smiled remembering his brain manipulating classes that he had been taught as a young Time Lord.

“Sir, we have a new recruit,” a soldier said with a man next to him, the soldier has a red stripe going down his uniform showing high rank, Sergeant Corporal.

The Doctor looked at the footage that was playing on the tape.

“No,” gramps Doctor looked shocked as he looked up towards future him.

“That is impossible,” the Doctor saw himself zapping the controls with his sonic screwdriver as he looked in shock as Rassilon just shook his head.

“Cellar he goes, his older self will go with the Searing Daleks in the cells and his earlier incarnation will take part in the battle of Arcadia as out troops prepare for the biggest battle yet,” Rassilon said calmly as the two Doctor’s looked concerned.

“How about my companions?” The Doctor asked as his companions were still looking in shock at the screen.

“Half of them will disappear,” Rassilon smiled as Illy and Gwen suddenly disappear.

“No, you better put them back in place,” the Doctor shouted as Rassilon as still smiling.

“I doubt it, everything is escaping the Time Lock that you set, every bit of space and time is at risk and it is all your fault Doctor,” Rassilon shouted as the Doctor saw gramps Doctor getting kitted up.

“Something is wrong, look in the shadows Rassilon, the Daleks are planning an attack from the inside of the sky trenches with the Soul Eaters,” the Doctor shouted as Rassilon shook his head.

“You are just like a child Doctor, too much imagination for your own good,” Rassilon spat on the ground as the Doctor, Felix and Helen got pulled away.

The biggest battle of the war yet was about to happen as Davros got ready after escaping the clutches of death from the Nightmare Child which had almost pulled his ship into two.

“Get ready for the attack on Arcadia, this will be our biggest victory yet and get this then we can rule all of Gallifrey,” Davros laughed as he saw a few Daleks hover towards him.

“THE ATTACK ON ARCADIA IS LIKELY TO END IN VICTORY FOR THE DALEKS, WE MUST LAUNCH OUT ULTIMATE WEAPON,” the Dalek said as Davros pushed a few buttons as his chair turned around to face a huge control panel.

“Project In The Dark is a go, Rassilon is too blind too see the truth or accept it, all Gallifreyans are the same,” Davros spat as he looked onto his screen and smiled.


“Here we go,” Davros smiled as he pressed a big red button.

The children had not seen the shadows moving for years now so when they did they were frightened, the Soul Eaters were activated as they started to kill without mercy. They took the memories of their victims and then killed them no matter what age or race the victim was, only Daleks were safe.

“Dad, they are moving,” a young Gallifreyan girl said as he father looked expecting nothing, he saw the shadows moving in an unnatural way, knowing his doubt for his child was the reason why they were in danger.

“Come on Winter, you have to run,” the dad said as he did not know what the shadows would to him, he just wanted to save his daughter.

“Daddy, I have heard them whispering, they will eat us all,” Winter looked afraid as she looked around her to check if there were anymore, clear.

“Please run,” her dad begged as he stood in front of the Soul Eater as the dad had an orange glow lighting his hands.

“Don’t do this, you can’t,” Winter shouted her eyes filling with tears as she saw her father hit some of the orange glow towards the darkness, nothing.

“That should work,” her father said in shock as the darkness consumed Winter’s father in a cloud of black smoke.

“FATHER,” Winter screamed as she saw the black cloud dissipate, seeing the skeletal remains of her father as Winter ran for her life. She ran into the street seeing her whole town running scared of the darkness as Winter looked behind her, the Soul Eater was determined as she looked at the skies and saw a thing worse than the Soul Eaters could ever be, a Dalek was just above her looking towards Winter.

The battle was about to commence, Arcadia being the prize for the victor as this one city was vital to Gallifrey as it held secret pathways to their main city which would be under instant threat.

“Are you ready Doctor?” The Master asked.

“Yes I am young man, who are you?” Gramps Doctor asked as the Master avoided the question, he did not need this sort of conflict right now.

“Your boss now keep on looking to the sky, the first Dalek that gets through kill it and alert me instantly after with the radio that you have on your uniform,” the Master replied coolly as he looked to his hand where a golden watch laid on his hand.

“Okay then boss, lets get to battle,” gramps Doctor looked eagerly to the skies.

“A Dalek has broken through our defences,” Polemitas shouted as the Master looked to the skies.

“Shoot it down,” the Master demanded as he saw the Dalek explode as more got through the defence.

“More are coming sir,” Polemitas shouted.

“Thank you for alerting us to the obvious,” the Master rolled his eyes as he walked quickly back into a building.

“We may have to retreat,” gramps Doctor shouted as they kept on battling.

“The fait of Gallifrey rests on our shoulders, that is not an option,” Polemitas shouted as Daleks started to go over their heads and attacking the civilians of Arcadia.

“Come on Polemitas, we must leave just like the Master has,” the Doctor shouted as Polemitas had a quick look around.

“Fine, we have to get to cover all troops retreat, I repeat all troops retreat,” Polemitas shouted.

“Good call soldier, Arcadia has fallen give word back to Gallifrey high command,” gramps Doctor shouted as Polemitas shouted as the remaining soldiers were running back to safety as the Daleks had won.

The prisons of Gallifrey were famous for the victims which it held, the current occupants were the Searing Daleks who were bloodthirsty as the Doctor and his two companions, Helen and Felix got pushed in.

“Have fun with the Daleks,” Rassilon chuckled as the Doctor was pushed into the cell with the others.

“Rassilon, we have to stop this and you cannot do it without my help,” the Doctor shouted as Rassilon just grinned.

“You are the one who put us into this mess in the first place,” Rassilon shouted back as the door was shut. A dim light came on.

“Doctor, glass Daleks,” Felix said as they all looked to the Daleks.

“Not good, can we escape? Will the Gods help us this time?” Helen asked as the Doctor looked unsure.

“Nothing can help you,” a voice said from not too far away.

“How have you returned?” The Doctor shouted knowing that voice as he saw a figure getting up in the darkness.

“Only temporary, Gallifrey has fallen and my sanity seems to be momentarily back,” the figure said as the others looked confused.

“He is Omega, one of the founders you may say of the Time Lords but he got put into an anti matter universe and has gone insane,” the Doctor explained as the others still looked confused.

“Is she still trying to track you through the temporal field?” Omega asked.

“How did you know about that? Yes and I now know it is a lady trying to contact me,” the Doctor replied thinking about all the females he knew, too many companions, he thought.

“I know things, now do you have your sonic screwdriver?” Omega asked as the Doctor looked untrusting towards Omega.

“Yes, but why?” The Doctor asked as he saw Helen and Felix muttering between themselves looking curiously at the Doctor and Omega and the Searing Daleks that were turned off.

“Well, if you sonic my body before I become insane again then I will be sent back to the anti matter universe,” Omega was looking at the Doctor through his mask.

“No, you will be sent to an alien planet maybe called Skaro,” the Doctor smiled as he stepped back and zapped Omega.

“So, he is gone and the glass Daleks appear to be waking up,” Helen said as they saw one of the Searing Daleks eye light up.

“Can’t you just sonic us? Like what you did to Omega,” Felix asked desperately.

“No, Omega is special his cells are entirely different from ours but I do know how to solve this whole thing but we have to escape,” the Doctor said as his sonic started beeping again.

“Is she trying to contact you through the temporal field?” Helen asked.

“Yes, you’re such a quick learner,” the Doctor smiled.

“I know,” Helen smiled as the Doctor started to play about with the sonic screwdriver.

He looked over Gargouille, shocked at what just happened. Who could have done it? Psycho wondered as he looked up from his TARDIS seeing a police box for which he knew too well. The Doctor must have exploded that planet, his parents were on it. He heard footsteps behind him.

“Hello there,” a Gargou said from behind looking around.

“How did you get on board?” Psycho asked looking furiously towards the Gargou.

“The doors were open, where is Gargouille?” The Gargou looked scared.

“Gone, the Doctor blew up the planet, my family were on that planet working for the Time Lords, he killed everyone and I must get revenge,” Psycho said as he looked down.

“So I am the last Gargou,” the Gargou looked down “I must bring back my species.”

“What makes you think I will let you go?” Psycho asked calmly.

“Please,” the Gargou prompted looking more afraid.

“Everyone must have one last good act before they turn evil, mine will be to save the last of the Gargous, go through the Time Lock and go straight to Earth they are very smart and imaginative so you may be able to bring back your species there,” Psycho stepped away from the door as the Gargou smiled to Psycho.

“Thank you sir, you have saved an entire species,” the last of the Gargous said as it flew out of the TARDIS and towards the bright white light in the sky that seemed to be getting bigger.

“Next stop, Gallifrey, I have tracked your signal Doctor and now you must be killed,” Psycho went about his controls “my ultimate victory.”

The prisoners of Gallifrey were waking up.

“Turn them off,” Felix shouted.

“How could I do that?” The Doctor asked trying to get a stronger signal.

“I don’t know, flick the switch,” Felix suggested.

“They won’t just have a switch that can just turn them off,” the Doctor replied as he kept on trying to get a signal “no, don’t fade, it’s gone.”

“We need to escape,” Helen said as the Doctor nodded.

“Yes, I have a plan for how to stop all this but we need to escape, these Searing Daleks have no strength in them to make a shot,” the Doctor replied as he touched the door.

“It’s open,” Felix smiled seeing the Doctor gently push it open.

“But why would they leave it open?” The Doctor asked himself.

“Who cares, we need to get out of here,” Helen demanded as the Doctor smiled.

“You’re right, I won’t worry about it,” the Doctor ran outside as quickly as possible running past various rooms as they saw a mirror and he stopped.

“Come on Doctor there is no time to be checking yourself out in the mirror,” Felix said as Helen quickly ran into a mirror.

“I still look wonderful, my hair is very neat but these cloths,” Helen smiled as the Doctor pulled her away from the mirror “hey.”

“Stay away from the mirrors,” the Doctor demanded as Helen looked taken aback.

“Okay then, why do we need to stay away from the mirrors?” Felix asked knowing the Doctor wanted to sound smart.

“Trust me,” the Doctor pulled off some curtains from the window and pulled them over the mirrors that were in the room.

“Can we go now?” Helen asked as the Doctor shut the door behind them.

“Of course,” the Doctor smiled as they heard a loud explosion from not too far away.

“What was that?” Felix asked.

“I don’t know, no one knows all the answers,” the Doctor replied as they ran towards the sound.

Gramps Doctor went inside the teleport with Arcadia being abandoned to protect Gallifrey high command, Arcadia had fallen and the civilians left to the wake of the Daleks and their continued onslaught.

“This is bye Polemitas,” gramps Doctor smiled as Polemitas nodded.

“Bye Doctor, I hope we see each other again,” Polemitas then disappeared in a brilliant flash of light.

“I am ready,” gramps Doctor smiled as someone sitting only a few feet away pressed a button on his dashboard as gramps Doctor also disappeared.

The Daleks now were descending onto Gallifrey’s main city but they had rivalry, the Cybermen were looking for revenge after Mondas fell as they all ascended to fight what would be the biggest battle yet making Arcadia look small in comparison. The Time Lords were getting ready for this attack like they had been for many years but the Cybermen were a new threat and the Time Lords were not sure about the Cybermen.

“The Doctor’s are both not here, we can press forwards with our plans,” Rassilon said as there were many Time Lords getting ready.

“What plan Rassilon?” Gramps Doctor walked in as they heard more footsteps as a loud explosion went off not too far away from them.

“Doctor, just leave,” Rassilon demanded.

“I am no Doctor, I am the Warrior or as others call me gramps,” gramps Doctor said as Rassilon looked enraged.

“Die Doctor, shoot him then this whole mess will be gone,” Rassilon demanded as three others walked in.

“Hello Rassilon, the Doctor speaking, I think we need to have a plan that does not involve running away from Gallifrey,” the Doctor said as Rassilon just grinned.

“I don’t know how you knew that but our plan is not going to be changed,” Rassilon smiled as he disappeared as did the others.

“Gallifrey has no more leader,” gramps Doctor said.

“Then you do it,” somebody walked in holding a gun towards them.

“I am the Master,” somebody else said walking behind him also possessing a gun.

“Impossible, he is dead,” the Doctor said seeing gramps Doctor looking confused.

“Who is the other guy?” Helen asked.

“Psycho,” the Doctor said as Psycho pointed his gun towards Felix and pulled the trigger.

“No,” Helen said as the bullet hit Felix, he fell to the ground feeling where the bullet had just gone through.

“What is happening? The world is disappearing,” Felix looked around as he began to fade.

“Psycho, how did you get that sort of technology? He is going to be erased from time,” the Doctor tried to use his sonic screwdriver to try to reverse the effects of what Psycho had just done.

“You cannot reverse the effects they are permanent Doctor,” Psycho smiled as they saw Felix’s body fait as the Doctor watched him disappear in his arms.

“That is a horrible thing to do young man,” gramps Doctor held his gun and pointed it towards Psycho and the Master.

“Please Doctor, just don’t try,” the Master nodded while looking down.

“Oh Doctor, you have lost this time. You have every species against you, it is impossible for you to win now. Even the Time Lords are against you,” Psycho smiled as the two Doctor’s looked uneasy.

“Has the Hair got any plans?” Gramps Doctor asked the Doctor.

“Not yet gramps but when do we ever have a plan?” The Doctor smiled looking towards the grinning duo of Psycho and the Master.

“No you don’t and that is why you always fail,” the Master smiled as the Doctor just nodded.

“When have I ever lost to you?” The Doctor asked.

“Really, you are going to attack me like that,” the Master stepped backwards as they heard another loud explosion.

“Cybermen and Daleks,” Helen said urgently recognising both of those races.

“This is not supposed to be the last day of the Time War,” the Doctor looked urgently around.

“Well it is,” Psycho smiled walking towards the Doctor with the gun.

“Shoot me then,” the Doctor ordered.

“Don’t, we still need him to help defend this building,” the Master said seeing shadows chasing people “they should have listened to me about the shadows,” the Master shook his head.

“I know, now we need to get to the most vulnerable point of the building,” gramps Doctor suggested as they grabbed guns and ran towards the most vulnerable point in the building.

“Helen of Troy, are you ready to use a gun?” The Doctor asked.

“Always, I just squeeze the trigger, just learning from others,” Helen smiled as the Doctor nodded.

“Well done Helen,” the Doctor smiled as he heard beeping from the sonic screwdriver again.

“Temporal field girl still trying to get to you?” Helen asked.

“Yes it is,” the Doctor said trying to fixate on the signal.

“That girl is trying too hard to get you,” Helen chuckled.

“She is not trying to get me,” the Doctor said defensively “okay she is but not in the way that you are thinking.

“Hurry up Hair boy,” gramps Doctor shouted as the Doctor and Helen ran to the walls.

“Why did Rassilon runaway?” Helen asked.

“Because he is scared, they are holding a very important meeting in which they will try to invade Earth,” the Doctor informed Helen who looked uneasy.

“Did they succeed?” Helen asked.

“No, a past me stopped then but we must protect this building,” the Doctor smiled to Helen who looked uneasy.

“We need more people,” Helen said as several flashes of light appeared behind them.

“There are recruitments,” the Doctor smiled as a few dozen soldiers got ready seeing they were at the war.

“Where is Rassilon?” Polemitas asked.

“Hello again, he seems to have left,” gramps Doctor said.

“He has joined Gallifrey high command and has left Gallifrey to die,” the Doctor told the soldiers.

“Now, get ready to defend this wall as the Daleks are coming,” the Master told them.

“Cameras are looking sir, the Daleks are about to attack,” Polemitas warned as they heard the hovering outside as there was silence.

“EXTERMINATE,” they heard the shout of death as the wall exploded with several of them going to the ground. The Doctor was on the floor as he looked up seeing Daleks coming in as his vision blurred and darkness surrounded him.

Then light came as the Doctor looked around, just white light as he saw a figure not too far away, a women with long brown hair walked towards him.

“Who are you? You have been following us around the temporal field now tell me who you are,” the Doctor shouted as the woman smiled, her brown eyes piercing into the Doctor.

“I am Skye, your saviour. The last hope in a dying universe that is an idiots fault, yours of course Doctor,” Skye replied as the Doctor smiled.

“I think I may know you, I have seen so many faces but that is not important, what do I have to do to save everyone?” The Doctor asked in desperation.

“There is only one thing you can do to stop this, kill the one who pressed the button,” Skye demanded as the Doctor shook his head.

“But that was me, from the future but still me,” the Doctor looked to Skye in desperation.

“Oh Doctor, your eyes deceive you. All Time Lords have no imagination it seems, the Daleks are very smart, the thing you saw was a droid of theirs. The Moment is coming when you must kill the droid but I cannot guarantee that you will also live,” Skye smiled as the Doctor quickly hugged her.

“Thank you Skye, you have saved everyone,” the Doctor smiled as he pulled away from Skye.

“I know, you will always need saving, I am getting a bit tired of saving you,” Skye smiled as the Doctor saw the white light disappearing.

“Bye,” the Doctor smiled as Skye smiled and then faded out as the Doctor only saw darkness again.

Got to get up.

He thought as he opened his eyes to a very blurry Dalek as he tried to get up seeing some Daleks coming in.

Too weak.

He thought as he fell back down.

“The Daleks reign victorious, we have invaded the universe and Gallifrey has fallen,” Davros shouted as the Doctor quickly sprung to life.

“Hello Davros, I figured out your plan with a bit of help,” the Doctor admitted as several Daleks rolled towards him.

“Your troops are dead Doctor, look around you. This is my ultimate victory,” Davros replied as the Doctor looked uneasy.

“Wrong, this is my ultimate victory,” the Doctor replied as a Dalek suddenly exploded as the Daleks turned around.

“THE DALEKS SHALL BE DELETED,” a Cyberman shouted as several more Cybermen came as more Daleks came.

“THE CYBERMEN SHALL BE EXTERMINATED,” the Daleks shouted as all out battle began as several more buildings exploded.

“Kill the Doctor,” Davros demanded as none of the Daleks turned around.

“You are a puppet now, just a memory of what made them, Davros the creator of the Daleks has no more use,” the Doctor smiled as he leaned on something invisible and clicked his fingers as the TARDIS doors opened.

“Back,” Helen shouted as gramps Doctor also got up.

“We are going to sort this out once and for all,” the Doctor said as something shot his TARDIS.

“Quickly then,” Helen quickly ran into the TARDIS followed by gramps Doctor as the Doctor pointed his sonic screwdriver at Davros as the Doctor saw Psycho’s body laying on the ground but the Master’s was gone.

“You’re coming with us Davros,” the Doctor said as Davros’s chair started to move quickly towards the TARDIS.

“Daleks kill the Doctor,” Davros demanded but the Daleks were too occupied fighting the Cybermen.

“No help is coming Davros, time for you to pay for your crimes,” the Doctor grinned as Davros rolled into the TARDIS.

“What are you doing with him?” Gramps Doctor asked.

“Just trust me gramps,” the Doctor said as he flicked some switches on the TARDIS making sure Davros was well away as the Doctor smiled as he pressed a button and pulled a switch.

“What are you doing Doctor? You cannot possibly win,” Davros shouted out as the Doctor just smiled.

“Yes I can,” the Doctor smiled as Davros shook his head.

“How? No one can rewrite time,” Davros said back as the Doctor just grinned.

“He has got a plan,” Helen smiled.

“Well done hair,” gramps Doctor jumped up which was hard for his old and frail body.

“You haven’t even heard the plan yet,” the Doctor smiled.

“I have hope in the hair Doctor,” gramps Doctor smiled.

“Cut to the chase Doctor, you have lost,” Davros said as the TARDIS stopped.

“Why do you keep on saying that? You’re about to go into the jaw of the Nightmare Child,” the Doctor smiled as the TARDIS doors opened and the Doctor got his sonic screwdriver and he held it to Davros as he held down the button.

“You are the killer of many Doctor, you Doctor are the true monster here,” Davros shouted as the Doctor smiled as Davros got chucked out of the TARDIS and went into the jaws of the Nightmare Child.

“Wow, I continue my evil streak,” gramps Doctor spoke quietly.

“Okay then, you answer me one question, how many people have died because of my mercy?” The Doctor asked.

“Many have survived because of it,” gramps Doctor reminded him.

“Many of my enemies have survived, it would be easier if I just got rid of them,” the Doctor said quietly as the Doctor smiled as he went around the console unit.

“What was your plan?” Helen asked.

“Oh that, super simple plan, I just have to kill the droid before it unlocks the Time Lock,” the Doctor smiled.

“No more paradoxes just one more could rip open the universe in the most vulnerable time,” gramps Doctor said as the Doctor frowned.

“You’re right, we could use this machine that the Kalossians have,” the Doctor suggested.

“Defensive Plasma Ray, we would have to aim it at the beings that came through the Time Lock,” gramps Doctor said.

“Hold on, on one of our adventures you said the TARDIS stops the paradoxes, so why would we avoid one when we could not create one in the first place?” Helen asked as both of the Doctor’s thought.

“I guess we just over complicate things,” gramps Doctor admitted.

“Okay then, thank you Helen for remembering that. I probably forgot because of old age, Gallifrey and universe we will save you,” the Doctor smiled.

“Wait again, wouldn’t Davros be alive then?” Helen asked looking confused.

“No, he was meant to die like that originally but the Cybermen stopped that fait,” the Doctor explained.

“But all the effects that have been caused still occurs, all damage will still be there so this paradox is just getting rid of the Cybermen and Daleks and other races that aren’t supposed to be there,” gramps Doctor smiled.

“Okay, this is to confusing I will just trust you guys,” Helen smiled as she watched as the Doctor smiled as he pulled a lever and the TARDIS stopped.

“There,” the Doctor smiled as he held the sonic screwdriver to the droid.

“Two Doctors?” A voice asked.

“Don’t worry,” the Doctor said as he disabled the droid.

“Turn the Time Lock back on,” gramps Doctor shouted as the Doctor did so undoing the droids work.

“How did you get that TARDIS in here? It is TARDIS proof and anything else for that matter,” the voice said as the Doctor smiled as he ran back into the TARDIS.

Several people started to appear inside the TARDIS.

“Gwen, Felix and Illy welcome back,” the Doctor said.

“That really went quick,” Helen said thinking of the events that had just passed.

“They are rebuilding the wall that the Daleks blew up,” gramps Doctor sighed as he saw it on the monitor.

“So it still happened but it didn’t?” Helen asked.

“Yes, timey wimey,” the Doctor smiled as gramps Doctor gone to the console and set the coordinates.

“This is where I leave, to go back to the never ending war that almost ended,” gramps Doctor opened the doors.

“Bye Doctor,” the Doctor shouted.

“Bye hair, I can’t wait to be you one day,” gramps Doctor smiled as he walked out of the TARDIS.

Hang on tight because we are going back to the other side of the Time Lock,” the Doctor said finding the last weak point as he flew the TARDIS through it closing it up as they went back to the right side of the Time Lock.

“It wasn’t nice being dead,” Gwen complained.

“Technically we were erased,” Illy corrected her.

“Can we go home Doctor?” Felix asked looking exhausted.

“Yeah, I would also like to go home,” Illy said as the Doctor rolled his eyes.

“Pluto it is,” the Doctor went around the TARDIS console area as they felt a huge thump.

“What was that?” Gwen asked.

“I forgot to put the materialise button on so we flew here,” the Doctor explained as Illy and Felix walked out.

“Thank you Doctor,” Illy smiled as she and Felix walked off.

“Till next time,” Felix shouted as the Doctor went back inside as Gwen stepped forward.

“Make it three to go home,” Gwen smiled as the Doctor pulled out his sonic screwdriver and held them at the console and zapped it.

“I will come back,” the Doctor smiled.

“I hope so,” Gwen said as they landed with another huge bump.

“Materialise thingy might help,” Helen smiled as Gwen chuckled.

“Wait right here,” Gwen told the Doctor as she quickly ran out of the TARDIS. She quickly came in holding a newspaper.

“A newspaper?” The Doctor asked.

“Yes and well done,” Gwen smiled in delight.

“What for?” The Doctor asked.

“Getting the year correct, bye Doctor and I hope to see you soon,” Gwen smiled as she walked out of the TARDIS.

“Anytime is fine for me, bye,” the Doctor shouted behind her looking at Helen.

“I’m staying,” Helen smiled.

“Why should I let you stay?” The Doctor grinned.

“You can’t kick a Queen out,” Helen chuckled as the Doctor also chuckled.

“Yeah, you’re staying,” the Doctor smiled as he ran around the TARDIS wondering what his next adventure would be. He also thought about the universe and the stars.

“Okay then Doctor,” Helen said while grinning “where to next?”

Author's notes

§  This is the official movie for my fan series, Doctor Who: The Next Doctor.